Mary ‘Pinky’ Cooke - Director


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40 years of Experience…

From 1978 until 1993, Pinky and Linda Nelson shared responsibilities for the management of sales, operations and finances of the Utility Service Agency. Sadly, Linda died in 1993, and Pinky carried on those tasks. She concentrated on the sale of steel structures, power transformers and many other products through the years.

In 2017, when she was helping take care of a grandchild to support her daughter’s family, the USA hired additional staff, and she now concentrates her focus on the financial side of the business.

Areas of responsibility: Director


  • 1969-70 - The college of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA, where she lived when Dave was in Vietnam. She graduated with a major in French

  • 1968 - Texas Tech University, Lubbock Texas, when Dave was in Flight School at Reese Air Force Base

  • 1967 - Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA, where she met Dave Cooke

Pinky’s father was an electrical engineer who worked for Graybar Electric Company in Richmond, Virginia and various other locations through the years. She has spent her life in the Electric Utility World.

It has always been said around here that customer needs come first. We definitely want to make a living, so commissions do matter. But they are always secondary to delivering the right product on time.
— Pinky Cooke, Corporate Secretary/Treasurer