Tiiger Pole Puller: A Safe and Efficient Way to Remove Poles

Utility Fleet Professional just published a very informative article: Pole Removal and Setting Techniques to Prevent Digger Derrick Damage.

Jason Julius, digger derrick practical examiner, outlines the importance of pole pullers below:

Attempting to lift a pole that is frozen to, embedded in or fastened to the ground could shock load and cause an overload to the digger derrick components. So, instead of using the boom’s brute force, use a pole puller, which can provide much greater force to loosen the pole. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to dig one or more holes with the digger derrick auger alongside the pole to loosen the soil, assisting the pole puller.
— Jason Julius, Terex Utilities

The Tiiger Pole Puller - 4001D, is the optimum tool for the job.

Hydraulic Pole Puller: At only 57 pounds, Tiiger's pole puller is the lightest and safest on the market.