Hastings New Hot Stick Tester Model #6799-1

Hastings has a BATTERY POWERED HOT STICK TESTER, Model 6799-1.  This new unit is IN STOCK NOW!!!

We also have a unit available for demonstrations. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.  We appreciate your business.

Contact Newsome Moore: NewsomeMoore@utilityserviceagency.net

Hot Stick Tester.jpg

Same as our standard hot stick tester model 6799 without the power cord.

  • Testing can be done right at the job site.

  • Lights have been added to aid with visual inspection when testing.

  • Test hot sticks wet or dry. The tester has a selector switch for wet or dry test and a dual range scale which gives the operator leakage current values in micro amps.

  • Utilizing a 2,500 volt output, the meter is calibrated to indicate the leakage values that would be present if 75KVAC were applied to a 1 foot section of the fiberglass tool for the wet test and 100KVAC per foot for the dry test.

  • Three hour battery life. Rechargeable batteries (3 hour recharge time). Swappable batteries.

  • The tester comes complete with Battery, Charger, Instruction Book, DVD, Test Bar and case.