SAE’s ConduForm™

SAE’s ConduForm™ is a low slump, formable product that sets up within 3 hours of installation and forms a strong bond to the native material. It is an environmentally friendly solution that can withstand freeze-thaw cycling and helps to prevent theft and accidental damage of the conductor.

Arc Rated Neck Shade

Sun Safety at Work

Are you doing everything you can to protect your employees from skin cancer. Protect your company from productive loss due to cancer caused by over exposure to the sun.

• The Neck Shade is Designed to Protect the Skin from Overexposure to the Sun.

• Simple Velcro Attachment to the Hard Hat.

• Contrasting Color to add Visibility

CDC Warning

UV rays from sun or from artificial sources are known risk factors to cause skin cancer.

Federal OSHA 3166 guidelines for outdoor occupations require hats or coverings to

the neck and ears.

Estex Part Number :1605-NECK


Glen Raven Style 950 Mock Leno

Arc Rating 4.6

Orange Modacrylic Trim

Contact  Christy Woolley  - 919.263.8684 for more information.

Contact Christy Woolley - 919.263.8684 for more information.


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