Material Manufacturers

The USA represents the following manufacturers:

Aluma-Form, Inc. Hitachi T&D Solutions
American Polywater Corporation Howard Industries, Inc.
Channell Krenz & Company, Inc.
Cleaveland Price, Inc. Power Design, Inc.

Earth Contact Products (ECP Utility)

Preformed Line Products Company, Inc.

GE Consumer & Industrial Lighting

Trinity Meyer Utility Structures

GE Lighting Systems, Inc.

Union Metal Corporation
  Wilson Iron Works, Inc.

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  Aluma-Form, Inc




Hitachi T&D Solutions

Fiberglass, Apitong wood and aluminum engineered hardware, brackets, and special structures; Fiberglass guy-strain insulators, Cut-Outs, Dead-end insulators, Fiberglass Crossarms, Distribution Air-break switches, Hardware, Distribution Arresters, Automatic Splices, Automatic Guy Wire Deadends, Hotline Clamps, Wedge Clamps

Dead tank high-voltage circuit breakers, gas-insulated switchgear, >120MVA power transformers, and generator main circuit breakers

American Polywater Corporation

Howard Industries, Inc.
Pulling lubricants, cable cleaners, and transformer leak repair, Wood-pole repair

Distribution transformers, small and medium power substation transformers, network transformers, step-voltage regulators, pad-mounted junction enclosures, oil-filled junction cabinets, and transformer components



Krenz & Company, Inc.
 Vaults, Pits, and Grade Level Handhole boxes – HDPE shutterbox and blow-molded thermoplastic Transformer cooling fans and accessories

Cleaveland Price, Inc. Power Design, Inc.
Substation Switches and motor operators 7.2 to 345 kV Distribution; Transmission Switches and Automation controllers; Distribution Motor operators; Transmission and distribution sensors Fiberglass primary sectionalizing cabinets; Fuse and switching enclosures; Substation control buildings, Primary Metering Enclosures

ECP Earth Contact Products (ECP Utility)Concept Torque Solutions, Inc. Preformed Line Products Company, Inc
Transmission & distribution anchors. Power installed,
square bar, bust and no wrench anchors; light pole foundations, Torque Monitors
Transmission, distribution, and fiber optic products for support, protection, guying and dead-ending, Drone Inspection Services

   GE Consumer & Industrial Lighting  

Trinity Meyer Logo 

Thomas & Betts - Meyer(tm) Steel Structures
HID lamps (PulseArc®, Chromafit™, Lucalox®, Ecolux®, Saf-T0Gard®, Arcstream®, ConstantColor®, E-Z Merc®), CFLs, fluorescents, halogens and incandescents  MEYER custom design & light-duty tubular steel  poles

  GE Lighting Systems, Inc.  


Union Metal
Area, flood, indoor, hazardous location, and roadway lighting systems, light poles SteetDreams™ decorative lighting  Steel and Aluminum poles for lighting, signage and communication


Wilson Iron Works 

Wilson Iron Works, Inc.
   Steel transmission and distribution crossarms, crossbraces, and hardware. Substation steel and aluminum fabrications. Miscellaneous custom brackets and hardware