Material Manufacturers

The USA represents the following manufacturers:

Aluma-Form, Inc. Hitachi T&D Solutions
American Polywater Corporation Howard Industries, Inc.
Channell Krenz & Company, Inc.
Cleaveland Price, Inc. Power Design, Inc.

Earth Contact Products (ECP Utility)

Preformed Line Products Company, Inc.

GE Lighting Systems, Inc.

Trinity Meyer Utility Structures


Wilson Iron Works, Inc.

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  Aluma-Form, Inc




Hitachi T&D Solutions

Fiberglass, Apitong wood and aluminum engineered hardware, brackets, and special structures; Fiberglass guy-strain insulators, Cut-Outs, Dead-end insulators, Fiberglass Crossarms, Distribution Air-break switches, Hardware, Distribution Arresters, Automatic Splices, Automatic Guy Wire Deadends, Hotline Clamps, Wedge Clamps

Dead tank high-voltage circuit breakers, gas-insulated switchgear, >120MVA power transformers, and generator main circuit breakers

American Polywater Corporation

Howard Industries, Inc.
Pulling lubricants, cable cleaners, and transformer leak repair, Wood-pole repair

Distribution transformers, small and medium power substation transformers, network transformers, step-voltage regulators, pad-mounted junction enclosures, oil-filled junction cabinets, and transformer components



Krenz & Company, Inc.
 Vaults, Pits, and Grade Level Handhole boxes – HDPE shutterbox and blow-molded thermoplastic Transformer cooling fans and accessories

Cleaveland Price, Inc. Power Design, Inc.
Substation Switches and motor operators 7.2 to 345 kV Distribution; Transmission Switches and Automation controllers; Distribution Motor operators; Transmission and distribution sensors Fiberglass primary sectionalizing cabinets; Fuse and switching enclosures; Substation control buildings, Primary Metering Enclosures

ECP Earth Contact Products (ECP Utility)Concept Torque Solutions, Inc. Preformed Line Products Company, Inc
Transmission & distribution anchors. Power installed,
square bar, bust and no wrench anchors; light pole foundations, Torque Monitors
Transmission, distribution, and fiber optic products for support, protection, guying and dead-ending, Drone Inspection Services

   GE Lighting Systems, Inc.  

Trinity Meyer Logo 

Thomas & Betts - Meyer(tm) Steel Structures
Area, flood, indoor, hazardous location, and roadway lighting systems, light poles SteetDreams™ decorative lighting  MEYER custom design & light-duty tubular steel  poles


  Wilson Iron Works

Wilson Iron Works, Inc
   Steel transmission and distribution crossarms, crossbraces, and hardware. Substation steel and aluminum fabrications. Miscellaneous custom brackets and hardware